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  • Story

  • Schweinemaschinen is happy to present our first movie! Our band became protagonist of the ‘Killer on the road’ movie by Alexander Tropinin. Christmas inspiration ended up with this 10-minute ‘film noir’. One big idea, several days of shooting, feeling freeze and happy at the same time – and the great movie is ready! ‘Killer on the road’ is a detective story with four main characters and four different subject lines. Unexpected and funny final will link all of it together and force you to watch the movie one more time, having new attitude. The movie contains Schweinemaschinen’s brand new music as a non-stop soundtrack. Our band play life accompaniment to this “film noir” during the shows.

  • The Band

  • Schweinemaschinen is the four-piece band from Russian North. Band plays indie-rock music, mixed with an exclusive Schweine-beat style. Schweinemaschinen was formed in 2008 when guys from different north cities met each other in St Petersburg taking part in common, spontaneous project. Sharing same views not only on music but on life philosophy, band’s core is unchangeable till present. For today, Schweinemaschinen has independently released 3 EPs; shot several music videos and even a movie. Numerous experiments with bright musical sketches, cultivation of severity and unlimited freedom ‘to create’ – all was transformed into a grown-up product, which is worth spreading.

    What is gonna be better than see us LIVE?

  • Original soundtrack is coming soon.
    So keep in touch and pretty soon you’ll be able to buy and listen to it.

    Right now you can listen to all other Schweinemaschinen music. More rock, more lyric, more band.

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  • "Killer on the road" creators team

  • Alexander Tropinin


    Director / Media production

  • Vitaly Popov


    Idea / media production

  • Jan Lemsky


    Sound Editor

  • Identity


    Camera operator

  • Print


    Camera operator